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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Most Popular Schools for Fashion Merchandising Major

Fashion merchandising

Fashion merchandising is the study of all aspects of the business of marketing and distributing clothing and accessories to wholesale and retail outlets. More often offered as a twoyear associate degree program, it is available at a few four-year institutions and may lead to a bachelor of professional studies degree. As a four-year offering, the major requires course work in fashion design. The field can be considered a highly competitive one, with many young people seeking this area as a glamorous career. Be cautioned, however, that it takes a highly motivated, creative, and aggressive individual to find success in this field.

Plan of study
The plan of study includes core courses in fashion, design and merchandising; business administration courses such as marketing, sales, and distribution; electives in communication arts and fine arts; selected liberal arts, math, and science.

Expect to take
Fashion design, fashion layout, fashion model drawing, fashion merchandising, fashion writing, pattern making, internships, history of fashion, mass marketing, product development, computer aided design.

Suggested high school subjects
Advanced art including the completion of a standard portfolio, college-preparatory business electives, marketing and advertising, computer literacy.

General interest areas
Business, art, design, selling.


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